I am…

At home: Confident, I always aim for the stars!
At M: A passionate paramedical esthetician!

I enjoy…

At home : Cleaning up… I find it is a great way to relieve stress! A clean house is a soothing house!
At M: The technologies we use: Laser, IPL, Micro etc..

My passion…

At home : My small dog Rocky. We just love long walks together.
At M: Laser hair removal follows me even in my dreams!

My treatments

At home : I can honestly say the GM Collin acne treatment product line changed my skin…and my life
At M: Peels. Just one is enough to be addicted!

I love…

At home : The fireplace in my living room.
At M: The environment of the clinic and my clients whom

What makes me happy

At home : My pyjamas + covers + popcorn + movie = Happy 🙂
At M:

My secrets….

At home : My favorite body soap is Dove for babies. It leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.
At M: My makeup has received numerous complements since I began using Colorscience. My makeup keeps its luster from 9am to 9pm!


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