1. I am…

At home : Determined, fierce, but I also enjoy calm environments
At M: A passionate manager, always listening to your needs

2. I enjoy…

At home : Entertaining friends and family
At M: Sitting in the waiting area and having great conversations with clients about anything and everything

3. My passion…

At home : Golfing, golfing golfing, oh and vacations of course
At M: I love challenges; they stimulate my mind and allow me to learn

4. My treatments

At home: Exfoliating my skin with creams or a glove. I always need to have soft skin!
At M: Peels, peels and more peels!

5. I love…

At home : Latisse treatment for eyelashes
At M: I love my team! It is always a pleasure to get together

6.What makes me happy…

At home : surprises! Big or small, I love the unexpected
At M: Seeing your results and knowing we exceeded your expectations

7. My Secrets…

At home : I love candy!
At M: My surgery with Dr. Luc, can you guess?


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