Do you believe chemical peels could help you? When you meet with your esthetician, she will be able to answer any question you may have as well as guide you in selecting the right treatment. Until then, here is a list of some frequently asked questions!

1- Are chemical peels for me?

Chemical peels are great for anyone with the following problems:

a. Sun-damaged skin
b Dry or dull skin
c. Signs of ageing
d. Certain types of stretch marks
e. Enlarged Pores
f. Comedones aka “blackheads”
g. Superficial scarring

2- Are there any risks or potential problems ?

When administered by professionals, chemical peels are not dangerous. Your skin may experience redness, discoloration or hardening. For patients prone to cold sores, the treatment may reactivate the virus. It is therefore recommended that antiviral medication be taken prior to beginning the treatment. Chemical peels cannot be administered to women who are pregnant or patients with active skin imperfections.

3-  What happens after each treatment?

You should refrain from exposing your skin to sunlight immediately after your treatment. Your skin will be more sensitive and exposed and some patients may feel their skin tightening and pulling. Desquamation will usually appear within 48 hours. Brown spots will appear darker in the early stages of the treatment.

4-  Are chemical peals painful?

Most patients feel a heating sensation that lasts 5 to 10 minutes, following by a tingling sensation that can last up to 1 hour.

5-  How many treatments will I need?

The patient’s age and condition of their skin will determine how many chemical peel treatments are required. We normally recommend 6 treatment sessions, 1 every two weeks to make sure your skin is reacting well to the treatment. You will begin to see results from the on-set of the treatments.

6-  What will my results be?

Chemical peels improve the look of your skin by applying a chemical solution that penetrates and removes old, dull skin leaving new, younger looking skin on the surface. Results will vary from one patient to another.

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