1. Who I am …

At home: always smiling, energetic and loving life
At m: I am always laughing and my laughter is contagious!

2. What I like to do ….

At home: bike rides with my boyfriend, entertain and be surrounded by loved ones
At m: use different technologies

3. My passion ……

At home: making sure everyone is happy!
At m: the customer and again, the customer

4. My treatments …

At home: I use the Pro derm range in the morning and the evening. It is fast and efficient
At m: Some botox, a little Juvederm and some pulsed light treatment

5. My heart calls …

At home: for wonderful chocolate!
At m: getting to know my great new coworkers

6. It makes me happy …

At home: spending time with my loved ones, my friends, my family and especially my two little nieces!
At m: when clients share with me their satisfaction with the results!

7. My secrets ….

At home: I love eating sweets
At m: My age ….

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